Hakuna Matata


In the Disney movie, The Lion King, the phrase “Hakuna Matata appeared in one of the songs. “Hakuna Matata” literally means “there is no problem” in Swahili.



Unforgettable Event

BBC– Fox show apologises for Kenya Westgate attack video

CNN– Kenyan police vow to ‘finish and punish’ Westgate Mall terrorists

Yesterday, there was a surprising news article from BBC that caught my eyes. The news article was about how the Fox’s TV show, 24 Legacy used a real footage of a terror attack that happened in Kenya 2013. Reading the article caused me to have flashbacks about the terrible attack. On Saturday, 21 September 2013, there was a terror attack at a shopping mall downtown called Westgate. That mall was about 30 minutes away from the house I was lived in and I could see smoke in the sky. News spread quickly and everything was terrifying. I remember calling my friends and talking with them for hours. My family gathered around to pray for the safety of the people who were inside the mall in fear. After the attack was over I went to school and I heard a student’s father was shot and killed, everyone at school gathered and prayed. I can never forget about the incident.

Brief information about myself:

I’m currently an international student at Calvin College in Michigan. Before coming to Calvin College, I lived in Kenya for about 10 years. I like to consider Kenya my “Home” country, even though; I was born in South Korea because while I was in Kenya, I had great opportunities to interact with different ethnic groups/tribes because Kenya is a multi-ethnic and culturally diverse country. I got to see God’s beautiful creation the wildlife animals and nature. I would like to share things about Kenya.